The most rewarding aspect of my kennel is seeing my hounds go to loving homes, where they can become treasured members of their human families. Sometimes goofy, regularly amusing and always devoted, a basset is an ideal companion. This page highlights some of the Renaissance dogs who enthusiastically and lovingly fulfill their role as companions.

ON THE LEFT: Elvis (Renaissance Stratofortress) rules the roost at the Frezza family home in Sterling Heights, Michigan.
ON THE RIGHT: Sky enjoys being just another kid in the Powell family home in Spring Arbor, Michigan.
ON THE LEFT: Wrigley enjoys trips on the boat of owners Wayne and Patti Boese of Punta Gorda, Florida.
ON THE RIGHT: Cruz loves playing with his Great Dane "brothers" at the home of Scott and Teresa Sigler-Featheringham in Botkins, Ohio.
ON THE LEFT: Shiloh (Renaissance Beatrix) is ready for any weather. Her milliner is Diana Leonard of Indianapolis, Indiana.
ON THE RIGHT: Beau (Renaissance Kaizen Liberator) is just happy to hang out at the home of Jeff and Karen Bernard of Toledo, Ohio.
ON THE LEFT: Chairman has ears big enough to sweep away the snow for owner Cathleen Baptista of Edison, New Jersey.
ON THE RIGHT: Louie is always ready to go shopping with his owners, Chad and Kathy Audient of Frankenmuth, Michigan.
ON THE LEFT: Displaying his noble head, Teddy (Renaissance Big Top) is owned by the Cindy Pachinger family of Mentor, Ohio.
ON THE RIGHT: Guinness (Renaissance Clown) enjoys the outdoors. His owner is Mike Sturgis of Bloomington, Minnesota.
ON THE LEFT: Dermot (GCH Renaissance Force Recon) and Panda (Renaissance Normandy), owned by Michael Meckler of Columbus, Ohio, love going apple picking.
ON THE RIGHT: Worn out after a day of play, Odin (Ch. Renaissance Versailles) shares a sofa with his Doberman friend at the home of Novia Staviski of Lindley, New York.
ON THE LEFT: Oliver isn't so sure about obedience class, but he's willing to give it a try for owners Kasey Darr and Janet Wright of Toledo, Ohio.
ON THE RIGHT: Jade has rearranged her bed on top of her toys at the home of Lisa Suran in Clarkston, Michigan.
ON THE LEFT: Gus (Renaissance Cruise Control), owned by David Bergdahl of Wilmington, North Carolina, displays a pensive mood.
ON THE RIGHT: Diesel (Renaissance Diesel) finds any day at the pool a good one. Diesel is owned by Jim and Judy Root of Applegate, California.
ON THE LEFT: Woody (Ch. Renaissance Ringmaster) is hard at work supervising the goings-on at the home of Kym and Jeff Lemanski of Macomb Twp., Michigan.
ON THE RIGHT: Dino (Ch. Renaissance Vogue Dino) is ready to hit the road in style. His traveling companion and wardrobe consultant is Cheryl Pogan of Elyria, Ohio.