I am happy to answer questions about basset hounds in general, and my kennel in particular. For those interested in acquiring a puppy, please be aware that, like all reputable breeders, I produce only one or two litters a year, and that the puppies from a litter may already be spoken for before the litter is born. If I do not expect to have any puppies available in the near future, I can refer you to another reputable (and I emphasize reputable) breeder who may be able to help you.

You may also want to consider acquiring an older dog, such as a retired show dog or a rescue dog. Older dogs are often available immediately, and they have the added advantage of already being housetrained.

You can contact me via e-mail by clicking on the following address:

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You can also contact me through the mail at the following address:

Corey Rigoni
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