Before beginning Renaissance Bassets, I spent several years handling and caring for basset hounds, both my own and those of others. This page looks back at some of the hounds whose lives I shared in times gone by.

Ch. Stoneybluff Montgomery
Ch. Stoneybluff Spencer x Stoneybluff Spring Rain ROM

Monty was co-owned by the Kovalics and me, and he was the #3 basset in the U.S. in 2002. He spent his retirement with the Kovalics at Stoneybluff.

Ch. Stoneybluff Whimsey
Stoneybluff Charlemagne ROM x Stoneybluff Spring Rain ROM

She was my first experience showing a Champion dog, and her style, grace and beautiful lines made us winners at that level. She always made me look good.


Ch. Topsfield Circus Circus
Ch. Stoneybluff Ginger Beer x Bone-A-Part Topsfield Tiz Tops

Dear, sweet Circus was my devoted companion until he passed away in 2008 at the age of 13. He didn't really start his career as a stud dog in earnest until he was almost 10, and he produced several wonderful champions with spectacular temperaments. I miss him every single day.

Ch. Stoneybluff Bellisima
Ch. Brevis Stanford x Ch. Stoneybluff Katherine

Sadly, fertility problems prevented Bella from producing any get, but she was my kennel queen and ruled with a judicious paw until she passed away in 2008. She was the first dog I ever put every single point on to finish an AKC Championship.


Stoneybluff Danielle
Ch. Stoneybluff Winter Storm x Stoneybluff Melody

Her show career was cut short due to an injury, but she was always a very willing showgirl. She was actually the "foundation" of the foundation at Renaissance since her daughter, Vertigo, was my foundation bitch. She lived out her retirement years here at Renaissance, and her tail never stopped wagging until she passed away in September 2009.

Ch. Stoneybluff Notorious
Ch. Stoneybluff Spencer x Stoneybluff Danielle

MoMo was never out of the ribbons at multiple Basset Hound Club of America National Specialties, and he was a delight to show. I loved him dearly, and his sister Vertigo passed on many of his great qualities.