The focus of my breeding program is to produce basset hounds that closely conform to the breed standard. Judges recognize dogs that are excellent representatives the breed through awards at dog shows, and several of my dogs have accumulated multiple wins to be designated a champion and have the title "Ch." appended to the front of their registered names.

This page shows Renaissance hounds who have had — or are about to start — active careers in the show ring and the whelping box. Of course, right now during the COVID-19 pandemic, there aren't any dog shows going on, but some of my hounds are still preparing to return to the ring once the pandemic subsides.

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Group-winning MBISS GCHB Renaissance Versailles
GCH Foxglen Takin It To The House x Ch. Renaissance Black Cherry

Odin — Reserve Winners Dog at the 2017 Basset Hound Club of America National Specialty in Lancaster, Pennsylvania — has impressed judges throughout the country. He was the Number 1 basset hound in all-breed points at the end of January 2020 and is currently the Number 1 Owner-Handled basset hound. Owned and shown by Novia Staviski of Lindley, New York, Odin displays excellent movement coupled with a gorgeous head.

Odin is always a force to be reckoned with in the group rings, as a Hound Group winner and multiple Owner-Handled Reserve Best in Show. He is also a multiple Best in Specialty Show winner.

Ch. Renaissance Golden Emperor
Ch. Renaissance Van Gogh x Renaissance Spitfire

Clyde quickly took four majors under the able handling of Holly Hook of Crawfordsville, Indiana — who along with husband Isaac Hook own Clyde — and he finished his Championship winning breed at the Michigan Hound Association show in Belleville, Michigan, in September 2020.

Clyde is now finding success as a special and has already placed in Owner-Handled Hound Group.

Group-placing GCH Renaissance Flying Fortress
GCH Foxglen Special Forces ROM x Renaissance Starry Night

Bomber finished his Championship in July 2016 at the Greater DeKalb Kennel Club show in DeKalb, Ill., at 14 months of age after only four weekends of competition, taking Winners Dog at several competitive specialties: a Basset Hound Club of America Regional in Louisville, and the Greater Minneapolis St. Paul and Fort Dearborn Basset Hound Clubs. He earned his Grand Championship at the Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club show in West Friendship, Md., in July 2018.

Bomber is now best friends with Meah Kocherovsky of West Bloomfield, Michigan, who is already having success as a junior handler showing him, including Owner-Handled Group placements. Meah was best Novice Junior Handler with Bomber at the 2021 BHCA Nationals.

Group-placing BISS Ch. Renaissance Superfortress
GCH Foxglen Special Forces ROM x Renaissance Starry Night

Griffin finished his Championship at the Detroit Kennel Club show in Novi, Michigan, in June 2017, and he earned group placements while being shown as a special by Sydney Aubert of Holland, Michigan, at events in the Midwest. Now he's the companion of young Max Kocherovsky of West Bloomfield, Michigan, and teaching Max how to show a dog.

A Best in Specialty Show winner, Griffin has sired a litter by Grace (Renaissance Breda), which includes Dozer (Renaissance Presidio).

Renaissance Black Hero
Ch. Renaissance Van Gogh x Renaissance Spitfire

Frankie was coming up to speed with his littermate Clyde when the pandemic sidelined his march to the Championship.

Frankie is now being handled by Novia Staviski of Lindley, New York, and he took a placement in a very competitive Open Class at the 2021 BHCA Nationals. Meanwhile, he has already started his stud career in earnest, siring a litter out of Panda (Renaissance Normandy RA) which includes Adelaide (Renaissance Adelaide).

Renaissance Presidio
Ch. Renaissance Superfortress x Renaissance Breda

Dozer has a gorgeous head, but the COVID-19 pandemic but the kibosh on a show career. He might, however, try his paw at Obedience and Rally.

Dozer, who lives with Chad and Kathy Audinet of Frankenmuth, Michigan, has had a successful career as a stud dog, siring three litters, one with Judy (Ch. Renaissance Malabar) and two with Polly (Renaissance Spitfire).

Renaissance Golden Prince
Ch. Renaissance Van Gogh x Renaissance Spitfire

Auggie has given owners Cathy and Dennis Schultz of Troy, Michigan, excitement about learning the dog show world, and in his first outing, with Cathy on the lead, he took a major at the Berrien Kennel Club show in Marshall, Michigan.

The pandemic put Auggie's show career on hold. He may return to the show ring or perhaps will try Obedience and Rally.

Renaissance Adelaide
Renaissance Black Hero x Renaissance Normandy RN

Adelaide is just beginning her show career under the able hand of owner Holly Hook of Crawfordsville, Indiana.

Adelaide is showing some promise. Watch for her at shows in the Midwest during the next year.

Renaissance Spitfire
GCH Foxglen Special Forces ROM x Renaissance Starry Night

Polly has beautiful structure that garnered her wins as a puppy, but she just doesn't have enough size to be competitive in the show ring.

The whelping box has ended up her focus. She has whelped a litter sired by Spot (Ch. Renaissance Van Gogh) — which included Clyde (Renaissance Golden Emperor), Frankie (Renaissance Black Hero) and Auggie (Renaissance Golden Prince) — and she has whelped two litters sired by Dozer (Renaissance Presidio).

Renaissance Normandy RA
Renaissance Arnhem x Ch. Renaissance Weeping Willow

Panda, owned by Michael Meckler of Columbus, Ohio, has grown into an impressive girl, but she's not a fan of the show ring. She whelped a litter by Frankie (Renaissance Black Hero), which included Adelaide (Renaissance Adelaide).

Meanwhile, she occasionally competes in companion events, and she achieved her Rally Advanced title at the 2021 BHCA Nationals in Lima, Ohio.

Ch. Renaissance Juliana
Ch. Renaissance Van Gogh x Ch. Renaissance Parris Island

Madam is an excellent example of the classic, elegant basset hound. Her show career, however, was "always the bridesmaid" when it came to getting that final major to earn her championship. Several handlers tried, but Holly Hook finally succeeded in showing Madam to that championship at the Berrien Kennel Club show in Marshall, Michigan, in August 2019.

Madam's new full-time job is as the greeter at Holly and Isaac Hook's The Queen and I bed-and-breakfast in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

Renaissance Breda
Ch. Renaissance Van Gogh x Ch. Renaissance Parris Island

Grace is another wonderful hound who preferred to play rather than taking an interest in being shown.

Grace whelped litters sired by Beau (Renaissance Kaizen Liberator) and Griffin (Ch. Renaissance Superfortress), and among her offspring is Dozer (Renaissance Presidio).

Renaissance Starry Night
Ch. Renaissance Van Gogh x Ch. Renaissance Parris Island

Sweetie displays impressive beauty, structure and mechanics. She wasn't keen on the show ring but has shown herself to be an excellent mother, whelping a litter sired by GCH Foxglen Special Forces, the only dog ever to win Best in Show at the Basset Hound Club of America Nationals three years in a row.

Among her offspring are Bomber (GCH Renaissance Flying Fortress) and Griffin (Ch. Renaissance Superfortress). Sweetie now spends her retirement with Chad and Kathy Audinet of Frankenmuth, Michigan.

Renaissance Arnhem
Ch. Renaissance Van Gogh x Ch. Renaissance Parris Island

Gavin, who lives with the Winiarksi family of Shelby, Michigan, has been an impressive dog in the show ring, and he has sired a daughter, Panda (Renaissance Normandy RA), out of Willow (Ch. Renaissance Weeping Willow).

Gavin came very close to finishing his Championship, needing only his final major, but the stars never seemed to align, and he is very happy to be retired.

Ch. Renaissance Weeping Willow
Ch. Foxglen Bracken Brown Beauty ROM x Renaissance Mona Lisa ROM

Reminiscent of dogs bred by some of the top breeders a generation ago, Willow finished her Championship with back-to-back Winners Bitch and Best Opposite Sex ribbons at the Medina Kennel Club and Richland County Kennel Club shows in Cleveland, Ohio, in December 2014. She then whelped a daughter, Panda (Renaissance Normandy RN), by Gavin (Renaissance Arnhem).

Willow is now enjoying her retirement as the companion of Steve and Susan Reeser of Columbus, Ohio.